December 15, 2018 - 20:00

Old Mojo(Dave)
Mojoettes (Katy & Kaye)
Listen Up (Dekka & Dan)
Somewhere Down The Line (Chris & Pete)
Bald Mark
Farther Christmas & His Little Helper(JP & Ted)

8 til 1.30
£3 on the door.

With it been a small venue anyone travelling from out of town drop us a line & we’ll put you on the guest list to make sure you get in.The guest list will get you a place up to 9.30 after that you will have to take your chances 🙂

Just thought I’d point out we won’t be having any warm up sets,we won’t be easing ourselves into the night with a few “nice” tunes.It will be full on,balls out,dancefloor aimed tunes from record one.So no need to go for a pint somewhere else to wait for it to get going,get yourself in early & hit that dancefloor!!!