Comedy Night

A Car Load of Comics presents.

Different night of comedy with two irreverent comedians, Jay Mack and Ian Winter, both unafraid to throw eggs or stones at cathedrals, the pillars of society, politicians, Kings, the ridiculous, politically correct and dictated conformities of the thought police. A fun night, not for the easily offended, the Pilgrim Fathers and Puritans.

Its comedy that’s, visceral, surreal, ironic, satirical, poetic, original, mad.

Comedy whilst been simple and funny to create laughter and love should also shine a light on society, our mad society our mad world to save us, from it, and the amoral who preach morality, the filthy rich who preach prudence to the poor.

Jay Mack – The Gypsy Comedian. There’s only one Jay Mack.

Acerbic, nihilistic, sardonic tales from the People’s Democratic Republic of Yorkshire. Jay Mack has been off drugs for three years and he’s not happy about it. Sighted as one of Britain’s darkest comedians working today, this ‘rising star’ may actually be an apocalyptic comet. If Richard Pryor and Doug Stanhope had a lovechild then Jay Mack would sell it cocaine. Is Jay Mack stuck in character? Well that’s anybody’s guess. Shocking and depressingly poetic, Jay Mack will find a nerve he can touch.

“Jay Mack is a Leeds comedian with a pleasantly dark and surreal take on life.” – Comedy Unleashed.

“Jay Mack, one of the best British comedians right now – Alan Whicker meets Alan Bennett via Bill Hicks, with a hangover.” – Sean Parker

“Jay’s a nice lad. In fact no – he’s horrible actually. But I like him.” – James McMahon Music Podcast.

Ian Winter.

Is an edgy blend of the old and the new. An actor, writer, filmmaker and award winning performance poet Ian is irreverent, ironic, poetic, at times surreal. He delivers a fast and unpredictable mixture of the satirical, all blended with well-observed characterisations of people and life, the world. Near the bone, filthy at times, (some say) all blended with a touch of one – liners. Both Ian and Jay are not for the faint hearted.

Enjoy the ride and buckle in, because who cares, it’s fun, laugh and enjoy, in great space @unionmashup Hull – it’s comedy… not genocide. It’s a night of free expression and fun, its comedy, have a beer and a laugh!

Audience and peer quotes for your comedians.

Original – Edgy – Eclectic – Diverse – Brilliant – Irreverent – Visceral – Near the bone – That’s treason – You’re a bad man – That’s blasphemy – Brilliantly outrageous – I was afraid to laugh – My friend peed herself – I could listen to you all night – I don’t believe you said those things – Special Branch must be watching you – Speak louder and slower you fking idiot! No wonder someone punched you in Selby…when are you on again, I’ll bring my friends!

Be there early for seats. Doors 7pm show 8pm. Bucket fee, pay what you can.


23 Feb 2024


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm