Wild At Heart

May 27, 2018 - 20:00

Doors 20.00-02.00   £8   Tickets available from  https://www.hullboxoffice.com/events/wild-at-heart

Join us for a night of art and dance classics. Anna Bean is transforming Union Mash Up into a David Lynch-esque Art installation. Freak Scene’s Mike Robbo will supply Silhouette-era dancefloor bangers.

This night sprung out of a conversation we had when Mike was interviewing Anna for an article in Pave. Anna was mentioning that Hull is great because ideas can just happen if you want them to. Anything was possible. Dave Stead was passing Pave and sat with us, and already, we started bouncing ideas around, plotting and scheming.

We ran the successful and popular Silhouette nights together, and knew, with Anna on board, we could create something unique with a bluebeany twist. Anna will be putting her inimitable stamp on the proceedings with a specially crafted art installation downstairs, and upstairs, we’ll create a sweaty hybrid of Welly upstairs when we were young, and the much-loved Silhouette.

All we ask is that egos are left at the door and you come prepared to be wowed by Anna’s Art. And be prepared to dance!